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Revenue Management Course

The Revenue Management is an integral part of the management of a hotel. Its techniques allow us to maximize revenues by selling each space and service at its optimal price.

A highly interactive course that features a very visual presentation, online exercises, case studies, online forum and online tutoring.

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Advanced Revenue Management


Forecasting or forecasts are one of the pillars of revenue management that allow us to forecast demand and future revenues and thus establish our pricing policy. In this course you learn everything you need to make the most of this tool.

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Curso Avanzado de Revenue Management
Curso Online Revenue Management Superior

Excellence in Revenue Management course (Available in Spanish)

Next course starts: September 10th,2018

A highly interactive course that combines theoretical training with a simulation model of the hotel business in which different situations arise, their consequences on business results and proposals for actions to be carried out to adapt to the new scenario.

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Intensive Revenue Management Program (Available in Spanish)


Aimed to: aimed at all those people who want to deepen their knowledge in revenue management and optimization, such as Reservations Manager, Revenue Manager, Managers, Commercial Director, E-commerce Manager.

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Excel para Revenue Management

Excel for Revenue Management  (Available in Spanish)

Next course starts: September 6th, 2018

A complete online course where you will quickly learn Excel using the tools of Revenue Management. A new method of learning 100% practical and theoretical, with virtual views personalized with our certified knowledge.

Aimed to: people who want to get the most out of Excel in the income analysis.

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Online Master in Revenue Management (Available in Spanish)


Aimed to: Professionals from the hotel and tourism sector, graduates, graduates or graduates who want to deepen and update their technical knowledge in Revenue Management.

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