In Hotel-lo we combine many years of experience in the hotel industry, in different areas of management, different countries and cultures.

For this reason in Hotel-lo we understand your challenges, problems and needs. We give you the support you need to improve your business by providing immediate and measurable solutions.

Hotel-lo is results-driven in delivering every facet of our service portfolio. This is the core value that cements long term, partnership relations with customers.

We are committed to imparting knowledge and leaving clients with a legacy of skills with every project. 

Gabi Mueller

Gabi Mueller | Director of Hotel-lo

Founder of Hotel-lo, with 20 years of experience in the hotel industry. She holds an MBA in Hotel Management from Cornell University and the ADE program of ESADE.

Raquel Segura

Raquel Segura | Revenue Manager

Diploma in Tourism by the UNED and Master in Hotel Management at CETT, center affiliated with the Universitat de Barcelona (UB).

Pol Febrer

Pol Febrer | Revenue Manager

Bachelor in Tourism from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management Sant Ignasi (ESADE).

Sofia Arques

Sofia Arques | Técnico de Formación

Bachelor in Administration and Business Management at UAB, Master in International Business at Aalborg University and Master in Hotel Management at CETT (UB).

Where to find us

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